"This is its own beast." ― Rahdo Runs Through 
Almost 300 years ago the story of Robinson Crusoe captured the drama of shipwreck and survival, hope and redemption. This dynamic new card game puts you directly into Crusoe’s shoes, survive cannibal attacks, pirates and nature. Imagine yourself there, wondering each day if it will be your last....Combining themes of hope, strength, and resiliency, this strategic, multi-layered game will test your skills in more ways than one, as you navigate through cannibal attacks, deadly storms, and your own inner turmoil. 

“...what really makes it stand out is this incredible sense of desperation and tension. You really do feel the pain and the fear of surviving on this desert island, whether you’re playing it with other players or whether you’re just playing it solo, because fate is so fickle." 
― Rahdo Runs Through
“Game just made sense”― The Undead Viking Videos

Stella & Tarrant, Meeple University

"The artwork, icons, and mechanics are thematic... it's fun and feels realistic trying to push your luck to get food and items to survive."

Joel, Boardgame Mechanics 

“Fun, unique blend of mechanics. At the end of this short game, you feel a sense of accomplishment that you built something great. Overall I really enjoyed this game.” 

 Nick, Board Game Brawl

“A game full of far more depth than you would suspect.”
“Very straightforward game”
“Just a deck of card and so many different things in there”

Josh, The Board Game Kaptain

“There’s definitely a fun game here...I love there's lots of ways to win... There’s definitely a learning curve here.

Lance, The Undead Viking Videos

“Just the right amount of randomness, and the right amount of press-your-luck tension, which I liked the most.” 
“The artwork is just fantastic.. absolutely amazing”
“The mechanics work, the gameplay works”

Gavin in the Den

“The packaging is so solid and lovely. Really substantial box. Definitely a game you will be taking around with you...Lovely little family game!”

“I think the art of this game is just top match, especially from the company which is just a developing company, just coming to Kickstarter,”
― Joel, Boardgame Mechanics
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“Rock solid game” ― Joel, Boardgame Mechanics 
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